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Who wants to learn about business internet marketing? Let us talk a little about what is the concept of an online business that can be run via internet. Internet marketing is a method of doing business via the internet, so it is definitely all activities in the run will always be associated with the internet. Some basic examples to start an business, namely: 1. Affiliate marketing, a concept where we were very simple task. That we cooperate with the merchant (product owner) to sell their products via a link that you can share on facebook, twitter and also possibly your own blog. 2. PPC (pay per click): This term is actually one of the first things I run the first time in online business. One example is Google adsense. So basically, we create a blog with good content, then we register in google adsense. And after that Google will put ads on your blog / website of the merchant. And if there are people who clicked on the ad then paid. 3. Dropshipping: Well, this one is also exciting. At first glance this business almost looks like the concept of affiliate marketing. But this time is different, at least we should be ready to build a website with an online store concept to be able to sell other people’s products. So basically, we work closely with merchants to sell their goods on our blog and we profit from the difference between the sale price that we set yourself.

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