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If you have your own website, then you simply need to know about SEO. Want to attract more visitors to the website to be able to demonstrate their products and services, or simply to make money online? This desire is feasible! The only thing you need to do - move the site to the top 10 search results. A site to be cherished in the top, you need to know the basics of search engine optimization how to and website promotion in search engines and be able to use them. It can be divided into three parts: The first part is to work within the site. It includes the correction of possible errors, add and edit content, HTML-code pages, relinking, and so on. The so-called internal optimization. How effective will be the first step depends on your efforts and knowledge in this area. We must also bear in mind that the algorithms of it are slightly different, and therefore optimization for Google to be a little bit different from the Yandex. The second part is promote your own. This step is necessary to bring the resource to the first position by a group of activities performed outside the site (on other sites, article directories, forums, bookmarks and other sites), whose main task to build up the necessary referential mass and promote the needs of the target site, as well as increase its credibility. This is called a promotion or an external site. The third part is to maintain the achieved positions and improving the results. Watching their results and performance of competitors, changes in keywords, text for links, the site’s content, adjusting pads - all this definitely need to keep in mind to keep the position.

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