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content marketing seo

in content marketing seo the first thing to do is prepare a list of keywords. which are words or phrases that internet users enter when searching on Google or a specific tool. Then it will return results and goals of course your results will appear in the first page as close as possible. Therefore, the need to invest some time and establish a list of the most important keywords related to your site. Try to build the list from the user’s perspective. Just think, what words a user can use to find a site like yours? Me know it, you’ll use it frequently to that! Do not worry if you think it is not complete - we never end. You will edit and add more keywords anymore, once you capture the customer’s mind. The title of your website should include the most relevant words by which websites can be found. The title is displayed at the top of your browser window, and when someone bookmark (bookmark) your page. Road flexibility in website without optimization will be just a random sequence of characters, messy. With this sequence of characters, Google will be very difficult to get the right keyword search needs of users. You can add a short description (also known as meta description). This allows Google to get more information about your site, and increase visibility in lookup. An excerpt of the descriptions can also appear in search results.

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