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Ecommerce has come a long way in the last years. As technology continues at a rapid pace, pioneering ecommerce stores harness new techniques and facilities to make online selling and online shopping a lot more efficient and fun. In the last few years we have seen most online retailers make a beeline for guest blogging, website optimization for higher conversation rates, responsive design, and general improvement in site performance. There have been many developments in the field of technology since then, most notably in the field of mobile, social networking, big data, analytics and personalization. These changes have begun to give rise to new trends in the world of ecommerce marketing. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the changes that are most likely to be seen in the field of ecommerce marketing If you’re wondering whether you’re doing the most you can to get as many visitors to your store as possible, then this is the post for you. The tactics we’ve put together range from triggering a special discount just as a customer is about to exit from your store, to creating emails for customers who have placed items in their shopping carts but failed to complete the purchase. So here’s a fun idea: Implement one of these tactics every single day over the next two weeks. And on the last day of this two-week sprint, evaluate, take stock, and figure out what worked best for you. Get ready to get new visitors, get more out of current visitors, and get back lost visitors today. ecommerce website marketing. Most of us have heard some form of that question. It’s an example of upselling, or the effort of merchants to sell you a slightly more expensive product when you consider a product.Their blog is updated with a new value-adding post every 3-5 days. That is really impressive! Each blog post and each resource article is potential link bait. Also, Google loves fresh content, so the more they update and the more they post, the stronger their rankings get. Try to update your website as much as you can. Even if you don’t have a blog, add an articles section at the very least. Try to post a new article here and there. Not only will this add value for your visitors, but it will also keep you fresh in Google’s eyes.

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