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WELCOME TO web marketing firm Marketing mail: also known as digital marketing and marketing network, and includes all the methods and practices relevant to the world of network marketing : improve e-commerce. There are several locations based electronic MA via the net offers several marketing services, and there are, for example, e-MA site and be a provision in this regard for the promotion and advertising of the goods, and is based on his work on marketing without the paper sheets, but relies on the Internet and phone and other digital devices that keep pace with technological development the world is the daily use of technology and development in the overall daily life of the individual process of procurement and distribution, shopping and display demand and production are found in accordance with modern mechanism is no longer as it was before in the traditional process, which are expensive and take a long time The most important methods of e-marketing success E-marketing includes a variety of methods that can be used for success in achieving the desired objectives: Can rely on a lot of e-marketing ways, but al-Faisal remains in determining the most appropriate ways is the desired product or service is marketed. Specific budget for the operations of the electronic marketing through the Internet and on which is to start in the marketing campaigns for the product. Email Marketer experience in dealing with e-marketing and innovation mechanisms and the continuous development of science in the use of e-marketing in the digital marketing environment. Challenges and opportunities of e-marketing Led the development of e-marketing to provide real opportunities for men and producer organizations, A few obstacles Interaction with the customer Customer retention Egalitarianism Partial MA Integrated functions Value Added Modifying the concept of title An end to the traditional role of the marketer Customers mandate

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