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first of all I find to build a website we need to do is: Domain Name Registration: is a catchy name to assign to an address on the internet, such as many other web. Can understand it as a home network and Internet. If you participate in activities on the Internet, the registration of a name for your site is the first thing to do, the proper name to affirm our position, we can help protect your website and recommend them to friends Bonded domain, we need to hire a hosting Hosting is space on the server to install Internet services like ftp, www, ... where you can contain the site content or data. The reason you should hire Hosting for website content, service mail, ftp, ... because the computer always has a fixed address when connecting to the Internet (such as static IP address), and as if you access the internet as normal current through the IPS (Internet service provider - Internet service provider), the IP address on your computer is always changing, so the data on your computer is not accessible access from other computers on the Internet. - After they have been hosting and domain names, we need to design so nice to see everyone at attractive lure. Depending on the individual or business, then we can design different. from easy to complex or sophisticated. - Then again you have to have all of the above steps then need to maintain the site Your after being built, we must constantly monitor and up to date information to help the user or the website can know news updated daily. - Finally we need to new website marketing For your website works most effectively, in addition to the company introduced friends and family, you can advertise on the mass media, trade networks, newspapers and Web sites e. You can also learn seo and making your site search is the fastest people

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