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content marketing The most frequent limitation is the size of the uploaded image. Good or bad? On many business sites feature download image-existent. Such platforms should better avoid - a waste of time. The company, which is interested in wholesale buying of glass, hardly will pay attention to wishy-washy announcement ’glass wholesale’. A logo or (preferably ’and’) photograph of the proposed glass will definitely bring more viewers view a potential customer. A limit on the size of the image is done solely in the interests of user - image small size does not overload the page makes it load fast and handy. For example, on international trade site B2B-club.Ru the image size is also limited, but there is a possibility to upload several images at once. One picture is better than none, two are better than one. The opportunity to submit some pictures of the same product in different angles on one resource is not always available, therefore only increases the authority and popularity of trading platforms among users. How to take the opportunity offered? Some members of the team B2B of the Club trying to submit a company logo and a photo submitted at the venue of goods, others post photos of the product from different angles (so the image looks three-dimensional and more intuitive). Important in the first stage of acquaintance with a promotional offer to show that the wholesale buyer has a choice. The location of the image on the trading sites and other portals.

Marketing content of the most important business that most people do it because it is very important is that content marketing has a lot of users who excel in it and loves it There are those who are working in this area which is one of the most important areas in which many of them , which in the first Alnrtbh among all these business Alkta And they see their whole life is work that earn him money and fame which made this area is extremely extravaganza and entertainment, there are those who work in the world becouse he is good job that realy enjoy It has a leading position in the global market, which day after day, which contributed to the evolution of the and raise his stature, and Jala thrive occupy high positions among all areas Kheir that compete in this area and are working in. It is really an order wonderful fact that this becomes a work of great income and is suitable for those employed therein The shopping business since its inception and is growing up day after day and month after month and year after year to become the magnitude that mandated by entering the which is witnessing conflict where a very big thing since the trade progressing and delayed at the same time keeps the hard and successful work is determined by the extent of success the commercial market and the extent of its superiority over other counterparts, making it the best place for world trade and unlimited wonderfu

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