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advertising and marketing

People often confuse two very important concepts: advertising and marketing. These components in one and the same time is very important and absolutely different. Knowing these differences and market research can lead your company to success. So first we will tell you the definitions, and then explain what marketing and advertising different from one another. Advertising - paid for, not personalized public announcement, which has the character of persuasion and influence on the audience; presentation or promotion of their products by existing or potential customers. Marketing - systematic planning, implementation and monitoring of business activities designed to mutually exchange and transfer of products between the buyer and seller. То better understand the difference between it, imagine that marketing - is a pie, inside which there are layers: advertising, market research, media planning, public relations, pricing, customer support, sales strategy and public participation. Advertising is only part of the pie. All these elements have to work independently, but at the same time together to achieve big goals. Marketing - is a process that requires a lot of time and careful study of the market situation. Thinking about it of it as all actions necessary to improve relations between the company and the consumer.

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