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Promoting Blogs 1. Add a blog to your site Site rigid (company site or online store) must be added for by the Code. Where new things will earn on a daily basis. This will give your visitors a reason to return. And visitors from the search engines will also growing. If you want to program with the code you can use the Wordpress (and is a free and easy to use). 2. Leave comments on other blogs You should develop normally increase your visits to other blogs with the same domain or category and leave the comments in them. You can add a link to your site in each comment and certainly there visitors will come through these links to your site. Altop can be used to find the codes of the same area of your site or category (If your blog is in English). 3. Writing in other blogs through the guest post Most blogs allow PAL guest post where they allow you to write to them and the subject of these topics will be written in the author’s name through this name there will be a link to your site. Simply send your topic to the blogger and ask him if he wants to publish your subject as a guest post. 4. competitions care of the Code. Another common practice for codes are competitions. Where you can take care of one of them by donating money or products, and the blogger will be linked to your site through the contest page. 5. joined the Blog Carnival Blog Carnival is an event where he will meet online bloggers on a particular topic. Host the Carnival will write the subject of the alleyway and the participation of several topics, participants and their subjects will associate with each other. You can organize one with your friends or search for one in 6. Share the RSS Feed When you publish the Feeds visitors Baltsagel and where will the reader through the RSS. When you publish a new threads will reach these topics directly to subscribers, and this is a great way to make members are linked to the content and visit your site routinely. 7. Use the Feeburner If you want to get the most out of the RSS Feeds you will need to register in the FeedBurner. It is free and you’ll get a large number of features, including statistics on your members. Feedburner Feeds will make the works with most browsers reader the RSS. And so it will not lose any member because of technical problems. 8. Show subscribe to e-mail Many Internet users do not use the RSS. Therefore, the offer to participate in the e-mail to your content is essential. Fortunately it’s very easy to do so when you have an account with Feedburner. You just have to activate under ’Publicize’ of this property and then copy and paste your code together in your site. 9. Create Newsletter email You can pay a subscription e-mail feature step forward through the Newsletter email. This will give you greater control over your messages that you send to your members. For example, you can put the respondent to send specific messages in helping them in times of your members to the new. You will need to email marketing program for the management of the Newsletter and you can use the Aweber for this thing (is the service you need to subscribe to the money).

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