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all web promotion Website promotion is the continuing process used by webmasters to increase exposure of a website to bring more visitors. Many techniques such as web content development, search engine optimization, search engine submission, and viral marketing are used to increase site’s traffic. With a growing popularity of social sharing many webmasters have moved to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to increase its exposure and redefine word of mouth sharing. By sharing interesting content webmasters hope that some of the audience will visit the website. By connecting different exposure channels some of the high quality and unique content can become viral driving a lot of usually not targeted traffic to website. An examples of viral content are infographics and memes . Google is the unprecedented leader in search advertising, but when it comes to mobile and display ads, Facebook is the best. Facebook has a knack for getting your ads in front of potential customers and Google is playing catchup. Google is expanding its ad reach to include all of its properties including YouTube and Gmail. It’s also creating Customer match, which allows companies to submit email lists and match them with logged-in users. This mimics Facebook’s Custom Audiences. What do you think about Google’s newest addition to their advertising arsenal

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