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The advertising promotion the most powerful tool to create awareness about the company and the product or service idea what consciousness. Compared to the cost of access to thousands of people, we find it difficult to excel advertising it. If the ads can also innovative advertising campaign to build a mental image of image, but some degree of preference Preference -or- acceptable, at least for the brand brand acceptability. But most of the ads is attractive. Human enough to examine the car ads to see how they are similar and are not relevant. The fact if the company’s ads were not different and better than its competitors ads, it is recommended advised the company to spend its money in the marketing communication tools, such as public relations, sales promotion or direct marketing. Add to this that few people probably watching the ads, private television ads have become shorter. And often the duration of about 15 seconds, which barely leaves enough time to absorb the message. There are a lot of ads that cause noise and nuisance. Ads look like to anyone who sends a message instead of limiting direct them to the target group of viewers who the message is important to them. The extent to which television advertising to be effective food cats if only 5% of people have cats? Finally, people seem quite willing to use remote controls remote control to turn to other channels when the ads appear.

Types of is generally divided in two parts: Above the line : in the media.advertising promotion Below the line : All other promotion. Much of this is intended to be subtle enough that the consumer is unaware that is taking place. E.g. sponsorship, product placement, endorsements, sales promotion, merchandising, direct mail, personal selling, public relations, trade shows. can be of the following types: Media: Commercial media can include wall paintings, billboards, street furniture components, printed flyers and rack cards, radio, cinema and television ads, web banners, mobile telephone screens, shopping carts, web popups, skywriting, bus stop benches etc. Covert Advertising: Covert is when a product or brand is embedded in entertainment and media. For example: John Travolta wearing only ’Diesel’ clothing in a movie. Television Commercials: Virtual advertisements may be inserted into regular television programming through computer graphics. It is typically inserted into otherwise blank backdrops. Internet Advertising: This is the newest form of wherein web space is used and email is used. On the internet, there is often an overlap of on sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, where individuals and small businesses try to raise funding for their ideas, often in exchange for promotional items or items that feature advertising of the product/company. Relationship of Sales with iy i love it. Typically promotions are directly linked with sales while advertising is an assumption that it may lead to sales. For example: Giving 20% discount on products may attract a customer and induce instant sale while giving a general brand creation advertisement in the newspaper may not induce immediate sale. Cost of advertising vs promotion are directly linked to sales and hence for small companies it may be easier to usemethods. may be more expensive for small companies and it may not be feasible for them while in it is being assumed that adverts will lead to sales. For example: A store may give 20% discount on its products which may increase sales while the same shop may find it difficult to advertise this in various medias.thanks to you.

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