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how promote your business :To ensure that your business cards actually get read and used,I am got to make them attractiveEven in this digital age, there’s something extremely endearing about a classic business card. When it comes to brand promotion, word-of-mouth is still the most effective form of advertisement. By handing out a real, tangible item to customers, they are able to place a name and a face to your business – even when they are away from their computer screens. That sort of interaction goes a long way concerning brand loyalty, and adds a bit of professionalism to your fledgling operation.Networking is a great way to find out about the challenges and needs facing your local communityNetworking is absolutely essential to the growth of any business. You might not be a fan of schmoozing and mingling; however, the UK business scene is all about who you know. By simply getting yourself out there, you’re forming connections, creating brand recognition and gaining insight and ideas from potential customers or other business owners. Networking is also a great way to find out about the challenges and needs facing your local community.There are dozens of mainstream networks online, and they all cater to different audiencesAvoiding social media is akin to business suicide. A quarter of the global population claims membership to at least one social network, and the vast majority of these sites do not cost you a single penny to access. That means you have the ability to reach virtually everyone within your target audience at the swipe of a finger.Believe it or not, more marketing emails are being read today than ever before.Keep it social: Include a link to your social media profiles at the end of each email message so you are able to build upon that initial contact and further engage on multiple platforms. Link up: You should also include links in your emails that will direct customers to particular web pages on your site. That way, you can point email recipients in the direction you’d like them to buy. Go mobile: According to experts at Litmus, mobile devices are used to open 53% of all emails; therefore, if you want your emails to be read, they must be mobile-friendly. Try using a template that will be able to adapt to various are a few basic rules you must adhere to when conducting company giveaways or discountsEverybody loves a deal; therefore, offering a special discount or free samples will inevitably generate a lot of buzz amongst your target audience. If you’re able to hook a couple of new customers on your products in the process, word will travel fast. Before long, you’ll have unlocked a whole new client base for your company.Sometimes it will take weeks, or even months, before a promotional campaign starts to generate ROI.A lot of entrepreneurs like to avoid self-promotion wherever possible. But at the end of the day, that’s how your business is going to succeed. You’ve just got to remember to keep promotional activities tasteful and relevant.

it’s easy to start a business but the problem how promote your business For me is simpley with the 10 P : -Price:Your pricing strategy is of course the price at which you will sell your product but not that. You include in this part of the discounts that will apply to the product and therefore will drop the original price, the bonuses that will be added to the product in the form of partial or total repayment or as vouchers for loyalty, plans payment and credit terms that take into account the payment terms (with a down payment, credit ...). There is the price that your customers have to pay, that they will actually pay and how they are going to pay. -Place:Your distribution strategy is the reflection on the physical or virtual place where your prospects will buy the product. It can be dedicated physical stores, resellers, website, of pureplayers. In short this category answers the question ’where is the meeting place between the product and the customer? -Promotion:Your goal then is to determine how you will sell to your target audience. You must define the lines of communication, the media you will use, etc. Press relations are also part of this category, as flyers, email campaigns or newsletter: all that will be used to promote your offer. -sttaff : The brand image is a major lever in the purchasing decisions of individuals and companies neglect the most. This is especially important when you are not selling a physical product but a service. The welcome that you book your clients, your availability and your attitude will influence the decision of consumers to spend by you or one of your competitors. Process:The sales process can be long or short depending on the services. But it must be prepared in advance. The definition of this process takes into account all the time from the first interaction with the customer until the end of service. Plan on waiting time, how you feed your prospects during this time, how you handle the process until the customer satisfaction. Try to understand how your prospects will react: if they try to reach you on the phone, how many maximum long will they wait with elevator music in the ears? Physical evidence:This is tangible proof that the service works. Unlike a product that it is possible to try (via samples or like clothing), a service can not be tested. You must make your reassure consumers about taking risks they undertake. How do you plan to keep your promise? Contracts, testimonials from past clients, performance results ... All that can be tangible proof of what you will bring to your customers. Permission marketing:Ce concept est introduit par Seth Godin en 2008 peut se définir par la sollicitation d’un prospect après lui avoir demandé son autorisation. Recette anti-spam, vous envoyez des messages commerciaux ou d’information parce que votre prospect vous a donné l’autorisation de le faire ou en a fait la demande. Cependant la loi LEN impose désormais ce concept comme obligatoire : « Dans le domaine de l’email marketing, la loi LEN impose une autorisation explicite de l’internaute personne physique pour utiliser son adresse email à des fins de prospection (principe de l’opt-in). » Purple cow:Another concept of Seth Godin! Described in the book An original image but which illustrates the idea. You are walking you to the countryside, you meet lots of cows, all the same, they are irrelevant. You then cross a purple cow: it is the only one you’ll remember! In this metaphor we must understand that your product needs to stand out among the others. Initial 4P not enough to sell among the number of brands that are available to consumers today. Partnership:The partnership is a practice increasingly common, brands combine them to enjoy the reputation of another. This gives more visibility and therefore brings more customers. Reflect in its marketing mix to the brand that we could associate their product or service becomes necessary even if P is not yet recognized by all.

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