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how to advertise on internet

There are many ways to advertise something thesedays, one of the best ways is to make an advertisement online. Now we’re gonna figure out how to advertise on internet quickly and efficiently. Have you ever heard about SEO(searching engine optimization)? If not, you should consider using it firstly. It’s like you have a few words of product which want to be advertised, you just need people to find your words; the more people search them, the more well-known your product is. The main and popular website we do SEO is google. To do it, there are 5 things you have to do respectively. Those are title - importing Page title of the website shortly and only in each webpage, description - usually as the black text appearing upper the links and below the title, URL - make searching engine easily in finding and collecting website’s content, backlinks - help connecting websites, content of the website - the most important thing and need to be positive to readers. Like every other ways of advertising, it depends on our situation to decide that should use SEO or not. SEO aims to the long-run and strong development, it takes a long time to consolidate so that it doesn’t suit short advertisement. Besides, we can expect advetising on social network such as Facebook or Tweeter, ect. It has the same result with SEO. In conclusion, in the past, we used to hold an event or make a campain to pronounce our products, but in this fast developed society, sitting at home or somewhere else with just some devices can we make an amazing revolution of advertising.

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