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The SEO LINKS came up with the new generation of search engines. Before her, the organization of the links in the results page was alphabetical and in web directories. In the new generation of internet, positioning has to depend on relevance. This relevance is defined by algorithms, calculations that are used to define how a page is important. One of the most popular search algorithm is Google PageRank. The factors that influence the placement of the pages are guarded by the search site. But over time, it was possible to identify best practices that can be summarized in using good judgment in the creation and structuring of a website. This new way also depends on the keyword that is the term you use in a search. Depending on what words you use, different pages are returned in different positions. The process can be divided into two parts. internal factors and external factors. Internal are related to the site. Some examples are clear urls, use of web standards, rational page titles and the proper use of html tags that is language used to build web pages. Already the outside looks at how other sites are related to the site. Examples are amount of links pointing to the site, which sites link the site and the content of the link pointed. Depending on these factors, the pages are punctuated by investigation so that it can determine the relevance of the page and what keywords related to it. Google uses a scoring system from 0 to 10 which is the PageRank.

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