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buy seo links sponsored executed mostly in the world of blogs. For this there are platforms called linking: advertisers and bloggers can thus contact and form partnerships. Bloggers ’mode’ are the favorite target of advertisers who are willing to give them many advantages in exchange for an article touting their brand. It is always possible to play with fire, or hope to outsmart Google: how does one identify a link bought a natural link if it is not clearly identified as such, for example with the mention ’ticket sponsored. ’ But that’s not counting an anonymous tip through the appropriate form on the Webmaster Tools from Google, or just the Search Quality Raters, these men in the shadows who manually scan the suspicious results on behalf of Google . Google’s instructions to webmasters are very clear. Will have a negative impact on the rankings in your search results pages ’buying links or messages containing links, the exchange of goods or services against links, or the sending of a product’ free ’in exchange for a comment with a link. ’ As long as to put money in the netlinking as much to do for clean and interesting methods for users. Why not spend your budget to create an infographic, a widget or video you naturally can generate links to your site

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