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Even the latest in SEO field find out soon enough as an important part of the success of this activity depends on creating strong links to sites that we optimize. Although it seems simple at first glance, things get complicated when you go to put in practice this thing. When the inevitable questions arise: how to do this in the most efficient way possible? Where to start? What kind of links would be most appropriate? Although it seems hard to believe, arrived at this point, many people fail. We propose in this article to share our experience with safety aspects that you will not find so easily elsewhere. There are several effective ways that you can create many links shortly. It’s easy, for example, to create free links by posting on forums and blog comments. Or even marketing through articles and feature articles. However, unless we are very skilled in the writing, it can be a difficult task. There is also the option paid links; For instance, you can buy a thousand links to the equivalent of one hundred dollars. These methods could work successfully in a certain way, especially if you work in a niche area where there is a huge competition. But if you are in a very competitive field in a very short time you will realize that these solutions do not lead to results. Instead you focus on creating low quality links or pay large sums of money for advertising, you can consider the alternative of building fewer links, but very strong. The links that we consider to be of good quality are relatively difficult to obtain. It is contextual links that come from the pages of certain websites with related content such as: research sites in the area of ​​the site’s activity major news websites website popularity in the hierarchy Google university websites major organizations in the field high traffic websites of the respective major corporate websites Links of the highest quality coming from locations that are considered indisputable authority in the business of the website or on sites considered major portals of information in the field. Take for example Such a valuable website that can bring buy seo backlinks partners recorded a very high score for keywords in the field, where other experts share their experience value. It is rich in valuable information to search engines and webmarketing. Such a reference site in the area is an ideal environment for interaction professionals in the field. A simple reading of website content can be seen that this information is valuable and important visitors. Ideally, would be preferable contextual links included in the text. Placing a link at the end of an article or even a reference list is also a viable solution. Another effective option is to create a list of links, provided that the other links to be very good value. If you have not done so, you should know that a relevant editorial link that comes from a reliable website visibility can more than thousands of links of doubtful quality. It may take a while until you discover how to get these links but really strong effort will be subsequently repaid in full: these links will stand the test of time and will bring a great day score after day, for many years.

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