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get backlinks to my website

if i want to get backlinks to my website i have to learn how to do that in the first place which is to get a high quality backlink, which means i have to look for the most effective methods. here i can give you many ways to get links ,so one of the most good method is backling through infographics because it is the most known way and it is popular, the second method is to write testimonials which means to write testimonials to websites i am using, the third method is to spy on other competitors which means look in social media facebook for example in order to see their links and methods, the fourth method is to get more interviewed online especially because a lot of interviews are online so it is easy to get backlinks , also i can mention that there ways to avoid many backlinks which are for example to avoid websites that don’t provide value to users, avoid links from pages with thin content, an other point is that always link to your social media account to get more funs and followers and i have to share and promote the articles for other website.

you even ask your self;how can i get backlinks to my website?, any arduous task ... If you blog regularly and are looking to improve the SEO of your site, you should know that getting backlinks is an essential thing. techniques to get the most common and most effective Backlinks First, we have the White hat regards as clean as possible through SEO techniques approved fully by Google Then there is the Grey hat second threshold. Balance between the White hat and the Black hat, it brings together technical disapproved by Google. In conclusion, and you will of course have guessed, it is penalized and sanctioned by our mutual friend. The Black hat concerns such as directory listings, spam driven by robots and other automated software. Well, if you use automated tools to get many backlinks quickly, you risk that the Google algorithm penalizes your website. Similarly, if you get bad links to your web site from more or less question able sites. Moreover, these changes have led to new positioning strategies used by unscrupulous bloggers. What are the last generation techniques? On the largest majority of blogs on the Internet, you can leave a comment with your name, your website and your message. The comment will be constructive for approval. This technique will allow you to get a minimum of awareness by providing your knowledge for free. The concern is that the blogs that you discuss will be NoFollow, which will not bring you much level SEO.

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