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The backlink creator can improve SEO. The qualitative and quantitative obtaining links helps the positioning of a website in search engines. This article reveals some tips to get links easily. The search engine Google often uses the number of backlinks from websites as one of the determining factors for their positioning. However, there are some rules to follow A backlink must be hardcoded. It does not contain any redirection. It should be preferably positioned on a web page with a strong reputation (PageRank - PR), on the same theme as your website and with little ’outbound links’. It should not contain the rel = ’nofollow’ in the source code! The transfer of notoriety will have a direct impact on the positioning of your website on the search engine Google. Interpret this transfer in this way: A backlink to your website will be considered a vote for it. The weight of this vote will be based on the reputation of the website offering the backlink. Other factors to consider: If the backlink is on a page belonging to the same theme as your website, the weight of the vote will be more important. The location of the backlink also important (if it is among a list of links or in the middle of a perfectly written article). The number of backlinks needed to be positioned mainly depends on your business, your competitors and quality of websites that make you a backlink. Some Web sites require only 20 to 30 backlinks. Others have a very competitive business in need of several hundred. There is no technique to know in advance the number of links needed to be well positioned on search engines. The best way to approximate the number is to analyze the backlinks of competitors.

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