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backlink submission ? Everyone knows enrollment in engines and directories is an almost essential step in the SEO of a website, since it provides the famous inbound links or ’backlinks’ essential to SEO.     But it’s a long, tedious and delicate step that can unfortunately cause the opposite effect on SEO, if the registration rules are not followed, or if the registration is made on free submission sites, automatic and completely random, with low quality links, unrelated to your business, or on low-traffic sites.   This professional option will massively create quality links to your website.   Regularly used by large sites in the first results of the net, this formula provides a gradual, 750,000 backlinks, sustainable and quality towards your site.   The effects are visible on average within three months and are particularly spectacular on highly competitive keywords, with durability and stability in the top results of up to 4 or 5 years.   It is a formula that we use regularly to reference and permanently position our own sites.   Coupled with a massive increase in traffic, this formula allows you to get virtually certain, a SEO positioning on the first page of Google on keywords of your choice. A condition of course - we are not miracle workers - get your site optimized for SEO and complies with the specifications of the engines.

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