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content writing website Design and development of sites ... Is this all you need to care about him to create a successful site? The user is not looking at Google for ’more beautiful sites that sell computers’ or ’more sites that use the latest version of PHP to display technical news’ ... simply what the user is a matter content, often make the effort and the time the largest in the design and development of the site without a focus on content the text which is considered the cornerstone of any successful site, in this article; colors plant collected a number of steps necessary for the formulation and better display the content on the Web - Highlight the words you want the user draws them through coordinated change for the remaining content of the site (that change color - make it thick Bold - slanting Italic). 2. Use the icons instead of typing such as (+) instead of (as well), ($) instead of (dollars). 3. Use the number codes instead drafted letters, for example (7) instead of (seven). 4. Attach the ’we’ in the name of the company or site, for example, ’We are in the color lab.’ 5. Write a short sentence describing each picture you see the task of the site.

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