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While these segments often divided alienated geeks community managers, web analysts dismissed copywriter their presence forced the experts to question more conscience , ask questions about the services they provide and promote industry development with exciting step. Recently, I suppose quality seo services should be considered a marketing services in all areas and I think it is undeniable to become a ’feature’ of the web developers and not is introducing a brand to readers. Thinking about this opened a new perspective to optimize search. Distance from other marketing channels allows us to apply by imitating the developers and designers. When we start thinking about SEO as a feature of the products rather than marketing services, it is associated with innovative approaches are found elsewhere in digital: rapid development and retrieve user centered design. So how to improve product quality. Historically, search optimization as a solution for many businesses. Once the website has been built, SEO team often included to ’push’ the pages from the search engine and tactical execution in the hope to bring more visibility and traffic to it . New direction in 2015 Many experts have registered this method. They encourage and guide their customers optimum feel as a way to search their sites are better in the search market. They use marketing speak such as sharing voice to describe the organization or the presence of a certain brand. However, this method proved that SEO will find it difficult to get rid of it. It enables the optimal conception mistakes are made on an ongoing basis and not on a specific time.

Quality SEO Services The Quality of Service Fund (QSF) was set up in 2001 following a decision of the 22nd Congress in Beijing in 1999. The Fund finances projects aimed at improving the quality of inbound letter-mail flows, making national postal services and international mail flows more speedy, reliable and secure. Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2011, the QSF has been a stable source of funding for the developing and least advanced countries. Financing is used, amongst others, to purchase software, equipment and vehicles that lead to improvements in mail processing and delivery. At the end of 2012, the QSF Board of Trustees had approved 600 projects since the Fund’s creation, benefiting some 150 Posts. Of these, 400 projects have been fully completed and 218 projects have been evaluated and are ongoing. Although most projects normally involve one specific operator, the QSF also promotes a regional approach and solidarity between countries. Operators can pool their financial resources to set up a joint project for the benefit of an entire region. With 50 million dollars available today for new projects, the Fund is maintained by mandatory contributions payable by all countries and territories, with the exception of the least developed countries, and by voluntary contributions, income from investments and other sources of revenue. The way the QSF operates ensures a fair distribution of financial resources to the neediest operators, particularly the least developed. The QSF secretariat based at the International Bureau provides member countries with guidance and assistance in the preparation of project proposals, which are then submitted to the QSF Board of Trustees for approval.

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